Plasmagen | Muscle Players
Plasmagen | Muscle Players
Plasmagen | Muscle Players


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  • High Potency Nitric Oxide Boosting Ingredient Profile
  • Featuring Tri-Xanthine Blend for Maximum Vaso Expansion
  • Featuring HydroMax + Inositol Citrulline Silicate for Maximum Cell Volumization
When it comes to training, few things compare to the satisfaction of getting a
great pump. Not only does this feeling of nice, full muscles feel good, it also
means that blood flow to the areas is maximized, delivering oxygen and
nutrient rich blood to the working muscle, optimizing results. Hi Tech
Plasmajet is designed to take advantage of this powerful effect by
maximizing vasodilation, leading to enhanced blood flow, nutrient delivery
and optimized recovery. Using a proprietary matrix of high potency
ingredients, your pump will go next level with Hi Tech Plasmajet every single

What can you expect?

  • Maximize Blood Flow
  • Supports Optimal Muscle Pumps
  • Enhances Nutrient Delivery & Recovery
Plasmagen | Muscle Players