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Apollon Nutrition R-600

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  • 600mg yield of fast-acting and long-lasting caffeine
  • Enhances mental energy & alertness
  • Boosts productivity
  • Enhances athletic performance & resistance to fatigue
  • AIds appetite regulation
  • 100% Transparent Label
Quite simply, caffeine is sublime. The problem for many of us is that its effects are short-lived, with the payload of its potency subsiding within an hour or two. This results in a search for the next fix -- another $3 energy drink, another over-priced, burnt-tasting cup of coffee, etc. You could always try popping a caffeine pill, but that too doesn’t last very long. But, what if there was a caffeine pill that delivers all-day energy? R-600 is the solution! R-600 features a unique blend of three different forms of caffeine to deliver energy that hits quickly and lasts for hours. There are NO jitters or crashes, just strong, sustained energy to keep you moving and grooving no matter what the day holds in store for you. R-600 can replace your morning cup of coffee (as well as that afternoon cup you always need) or the need to grab an energy drink when you’re on the go. R-600 takes maximum advantage of an innovative staggered-release blend of caffeines, providing a caffeine pill unlike any other on the market.